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Providing Answers and Solutions for Specific Lawn and Landscaping Needs

The Houston Horticulture Consultant offers invaluable services to homeowners and businesses, as well as property managers and property investors who need straight-forward answers and real-world solutions to issues concerning lawn and garden growth and plant health problems. Call for assistance when planning a new landscaping project or updating your existing garden layouts.

Poor performance of lawn, landscape, and plants may be indicative of underlying causes not obvious to the eye, or otherwise not simple to determine. The Houston Horticulture Consultant can identify and document hidden causes, such as insect infestation, plant diseases and soil problems, so issues can be resolved for now and the future.
Gardening and landscaping help photo The Houston Horticulture Consultant is not a typical firm in the service industry. Expect a knowledgeable question and answer service that provides no-nonsense advice and solutions to meet your horticultural needs. Your specific problems are addressed and resolved. You will not be subjected to hard sell tactics, as we do not sell products. Our focus is on giving you value by serving your needs . . . not on sales commissions.

new plant growth pictureCall for assistance with problems you are experiencing with your gardens and lawns. Get the help you need to ensure success with your forthcoming or in-progress horticultural project. Should you find your choices are not working, we can get you back on track. We can also assist you with your planning and design stages.

To arrange an appointment with the Houston Horticulture Consultant call 713-724-8691. You will save time and money with the Houston Horticulture Consultant's depth of knowledge and considerable experience with the horticultural environment of the Texas Gulf Coast region.

Services Houston Horticulture Consultants Bring to Your Door

Landscape design planning Plant pathology
Identification and documentation of problems Identification and advice on soil
Selection of plants that work best for your area Lawn & landscape management
Identification of offending insects Floriculture
Identification and diagnosis of diseases Lawn and garden design assistance
To ask questions, get help, or make an appointment call 713-724-8691
Areas also served: The Houston Horticulture Consultant may be available outside the stated service radius. Call if your area is not listed.
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